Maintenance service

Maintenance service
After the diagnostics conducted, we provide a full range of the services with a certain guarantee for the completed work related to modernization, repair and operation of the equipment. We guarantee the provision of all necessary services that increase the working resource and the production capabilities of your equipment:
  •  Automation of the control systems (ACS).
  • Assessment of the state of the workability of the equipment elements.
  • Modernization of the pelletizing line.
  • Supply of the original components and spare parts.
  • Supply of the repair spare parts.
  • Restoration of the spare parts.
  • Personnel training – ICK Group specialists will always answer all customer questions, help in choosing the equipment and mastering the pelletizing technology.

Choosing us you get:
1. The quality of the services performed.
2. Operational work of our qualified specialists.
3. The optimal price for your equipment service.

With ICK Group you can be confident in reliable service support!