Automation of the production

Automation of the production
We carry out the automation of the technological processes of both individual sections of the production and the entire plant. Automatic control systems TM Grantech is the trouble-free operation of the equipment, maintaining the technological process in optimal modes.

We offer an automatic control system for our equipment. It includes a control cabinet with a controller and a man and machine interface having a view of the operator’s touch panel or a separate monitor of the desired diagonal. It is also possible to duplicate the control using a portable device.

Main functions:

  • Running and stopping the mechanisms according to anti-dump scheme and with appropriate time delays.
  • Tracking all the envisaged emergency situations (cutting the share pin, sink belts, overload, limit switches on the door, etc.).
  • Automatic adjustment of the parameters for loading and temperature for pellet mill.
  • Automatic lubrication system for rollers and shaft bearings.
  • Display all information for the operator.

Main advantages:

  • Display information for the operator (visualization and sound).
  • Alarm response.
  • Fine adjustment for each unit of equipment.
  • Relative ease of making changes to the technological scheme almost at all stages of implementation.
  • Reducing tracking time precisely for the technological process and redirecting it for other purposes (maintenance, repair, rest).
  • Reducing the service personnel.