Development and implementation
complex projects

Design and construction work
The Design department of ICK Group carries out a complex of works on provision of the necessary package of the documents with consideration for the normative document and p…
Plants and complete lines pellet production
ICK Group designs and puts into operation the plants and equipment for production of the pelletized biofuel already for many years. Biofuel pellets are safe and environme…
Maintenance service
We provide a full range of the services with a certain guarantee for the completed work related to modernization, repair and operation of the equipment.
Automation of the production
We carry out the automation of the technological processes of both individual sections of the production and the entire plant. Automatic control systems TM Grantech is the …

About us

The ICK Group specializes in the development and manufacture of the technological equipment, spare parts and automated control systems for the production of the pelletized products under its own brand GRANTECH. 

For 27 years of ICK Group activity, more than 450 projects have been implemented in 20 countries of the world. The group of the companies has successfully undergone the certification procedure for the products in accordance with the terms of the European Union directive and received a certificate that confirms the safety and high quality of TM GRANTECH products.

Many years of experience and a high level of training of ICK Group employees, the presence of the design bureau and the service department allow us to offer the client a full cycle of services — from the conceptual development to the post-warranty service for the manufactured equipment.

Visit to INDAGRA 2022 exhibition (Romania)
The management of ICK Group visited the largest international agricultural exhibition in Romania - INDAGRA 2022.  Well-known companies from Romania, Italy, Germany and other countries presented their products at the exhibition.
DO NOT sponsor murder
We joined the boycott of russian and belarusian products. Glory to Ukraine!
Delivery of GT-630D for TOV Parokhonske
Thanks to the fruitful cooperation of the specialists of the ICK Group and the dealer of TOV Globalprodservis another enterprise in Bilorus received the reliable TM Grantech equipment.
Servicing of the SPROUT-MATADOR pelletizing line
The specialists of ICK Group carried out the service work for the SPROUT-MATADOR pellet mill used for production of the mixed feed in Lviv region, Ukraine.
Preferential terms from JSC “OTP Bank” for ICK Group’s clients
The CEO of ICK Group held a meeting with the management of the sales development department for clients of JSC “OTP Bank”.
Kazakh-Ukrainian investment forum
On October 15, 2020, the  Kazakh-Ukrainian investment forum was held in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.
Delivery and installation of two pellet lines in Kyiv region
Our partner, a company engaged in agro-processing and agribusiness is expanding its capabilities and reaching a new level. Its plans include the organization of production for processing oilseeds, with a capacity of 300 thousand tons/year. This allowed us t…