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GTL-304D Minicoplexes
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GTL-304D Minicomplex is designed for production of fuel pellets from preliminary prepared components of woodworking residues, straw grain, sunflower husks and other energy biomass of plant origin.


Minicomplex fpr pelletizing of biofuel in the base set consists of: 1 – feed funnel, 2 – mill with pneumatic loading, 3 – storage bin, 4 – dosing device, 5 – mixer, 6GT-304D pellet mill, 7 – the belt conveyer with scrapers, 8countercurrent cooler GTО-7х8, 9sieving machine GTP-1, 10 – Cyclone, 11 – ventilator, 12the automatic control system, 13 – filter block, 14 – one-piece frame.


Requirements to raw material:
Energy biomass is to be preliminary separated from foreign materials and crushed up to particles size for: grain straw – 40-50 mm, wood residues – up to 20 mm (3-4 mm thick) with moisture content 10-12%. Fine raw material (sunflower, buckwheat and rice husks etc.) is not crushed preliminary.



Main guidelines for GTL-304D Minicomplex running:
GTL-304D Minicomplex can operate at the temperature range from +50C up to 400C and relative humidity up to 80% when using qualitative accessories and materials.
For GTL-304D Minicomplex operation the following should be provided:
– power supply 380 V, 50 Hz, 90 kW;
– compressed air pressure 4-6 bars, 250 l/min;
dry saturated steam pressure 3 bars.
For solid biofuel production GTL-304D Minicomplex can include the following additional areas:
– raw material preparation and separation from foreign materials;
– wet raw material drying (GTSK-0,6/4 Drying complex);
– accounting, packaging and storage of finished product.

The total area occupied by GTL-304D Minicomplex in the basic configuration on the one-piece frame 14: 4500х2200 мм.

GTL-304D, Ukraine, 2010

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