A contract has been signed for the supply of a grain waste pellet line

A contract has been signed for the supply of a grain waste pellet line

Successful companies have been preparing for the season since the summer to obtain high-quality financial indicators in the future, not only from their main business, but also from its diversification. Thus, in July 2021, ICK Group was approached by representatives of an agricultural enterprise from the Kherson region with the issue of waste processing after the elevator. ICK Group specialists studied the information and proposed the introduction of grain waste pellet technology at the enterprise. During the meeting with the customer’s management, detailed information on the technological process was provided, taking into account the preparation, pelletizing, packaging and the proposed pellet line of raw materials GTL-304D, which best meets the requirements of productivity.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided to conduct experimental pelletizing of raw materials of the customer (grain waste after the elevator). The experiment confirmed the previously provided information on the possibility of pelletizing of grain waste with the formation of high-quality commodity pellets. In the future it is planned to use this pellet for heating, both own buildings and sale of pellets to the population as biofuel.

ICK Group technicians visited the production facilities of the customer’s agricultural enterprise and measured the existing pbuildings for the installation of the pellet line GTL-304D, provided recommendations on the preparation of the buildings, selection of packaging equipment, and storage of raw materials for pelletizing. Based on the results of this visit, a technological scheme and an optimal layout solution for placing the equipment in the customer’s existing production buildings were developed.

The companies signed an agreement for the manufacture and supply of the pellet line TM Grantech on the basis of the pellet mill GT-304D with a capacity of 500 kg/h, which will fully meet the existing needs of the customer.

Currently, the project is at the stage of production of equipment and preparation of the buildings by the customer according to the received recommendations.