Online access system

Service solutions with the help of online access system
Online access system
Management of the factory working cycle with the help of service solution of the online access system facilitates maintenance of the high level of the operational readiness and safety, secures the maximum level ofthe pelletizing plant productivity.

Online access system is proposed as addition to the existing automatic control system. It is a system of the hardware and soft waremeans allowing to work in the remote mode through the internet connections.

It means that in the case of the situation, when the specialists’ intervention to the software is required, they do not need to come to the customer – it will be enough to use online access system. Moreover, this system gives the managing staff the possibility to control the factory’s operation permanently from any place, where there is internet.

Possibilities of online access system:
  • Software updating.
  • Making the changes in the software which do not cause the electric plan changes. If the electric plan changes, the staff of the customer will be involved.
  • Information automatic forwarding, regarding emergency situations, to the server of the manufacturer and managing staff.
  • Reading of logbook of emergency cases, registrations of load on pellet mill motor and other motors, temperature control in mixer.
  • Detection of errors or failures in software, their shooting or providing the information to the local staff how to find the problem in electric plan.
  • Narrowing the area for problem or failure search using program code.
  • Increase of equipment life time.
  • Analysis and optimization of the enterprise operation.
Advantages of online access system:
  • safe operation;
  • minimum equipment idle time;
  • permanent control of equipment state;
  • reduction of operating costs.
Service solutions with the help of the online access system can be carefully planned and coordinated with your work schedule.